Is the phrase “debt not brother” true?

Often, the popular phrase ” debt is not a brother ” has been encountered in popular language. Perhaps many do not understand its essence, but know that it is about debt repayment. Why such a comparison with a brother? Debt is some kind of outstanding loan that will most likely have to be repaid. Such a comparison is probably due to the fact that a brother or other relative may not claim the debt.

Serious amounts could pose quite serious problems


This saying can be understood and associated in different ways, but its essence is and will remain the same. No debtor will ever be able to live with the knowledge that he has no outstanding obligations and that this debt may be a constant reminder of himself. The importance and amount of debt is of great importance. Detailed debts might not be a major concern, but more serious amounts could pose quite serious problems.

In earlier times, debt was not something to joke about. If a person borrowed something for a certain period of time, he had to keep his promise to return the loan in good faith. In the event of a breach of the agreement, the individual could have lost his liberty or even his life.

Debt slavery is still present in many countries around the world, such as China, India or Pakistan. This type of slavery was introduced in Mesopotamia in the 4th century AD. BC. Over time, there have been several ways of dealing with debtors, but as civilization has evolved, the laws have changed considerably. Bankruptcy is still one of the best ways to get rid of debt today. Even this technique was followed in ancient times – during Genghis Khan’s rule, his triple-bankruptcy laws applied the death penalty.

Loans from the banking or non-bank credit sector


Most of the debt nowadays comes from loans from the banking or non-bank credit sector. These can be instant, consumer, or mortgage. Regardless of the type of credit, people recklessly tend to borrow too much money and often end up in debt. Although no one of the above methods is used anymore, there are signs of indebtedness today – people are forced to work to pay off debts and provide everything they need, not to mention goods or services that are not at the forefront of human needs.

Debt restructuring services


Banks offer debt restructuring services to their clients who are in debt and unable to repay the loan. This provides support for deliberately or unintentionally indebted customers who have fallen victim to the financial crisis. This is mainly the way banks improve their loan portfolios. This agreement is created as a new document or as an additional clause to the existing agreement. A restructured loan is one that is subject to material changes in its repayment terms due to its financial difficulties. These changes can take many forms. This may include raising additional funding, taking over debt or replacing the original borrower with a new payer. Payment of the loan amount and sometimes even the interest on the debt is delayed for several months, depending on the borrower’s ability to repay.

Debt repayment process 


We can conclude that the debt repayment process today is not that pleasant either. This is unavoidable unless drastic decisions are made, such as going abroad and avoiding any contact with the credit company. It is therefore advisable to keep in mind the notion of “debt is not a brother” in order not to become a slave to conditional debt and to face future financial difficulties. Usually it all starts with reckless borrowing. First, you need to thoroughly evaluate your ability to repay this loan, as you will no longer be able to obtain a new loan because of your bad credit history.

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