Do we sell all equities and buy peripheral public debt?

When the financial elite is in danger – for example if they fear that the central banks (the GFI and others) will be nationalized and prevent them from creating money, or fear the implementation of the Good Finance, as in the past- , the plutocracy throws the bags to the minimum possible level, which is defined by their liquidity or credit purchase capacity, and it is a fact that only they probably know.

Once the bags panic, they will stop at that point that only they know, which will have allowed the ‘strong hands’ to keep ownership of everything.

Equally powerful due to the amount of accumulated property


Thus, even if they take away the attribution of creating money, they will be equally powerful due to the amount of accumulated property buying at the bottom of the crisis. The creation of money by the banks will be replaced by the creation of money with the rise of the Good Lender, since what was previously worth ten will be worth 100 and that surplus value is money.

Maintain the current ‘status quo’ 


And as long as the rules on ownership do not change, everything will remain the same. To maintain the current ‘status quo’ of property, they need politicians to be related, for which they have to control two issues:
a) A method to manufacture corrupt, bribed and / or threatened politicians.
b) A system to prevent those who do not appear in section (a) from entering government. That is called electoral fraud; vote transfer.

In the US and Latin America they have it easy, having implemented the Electronic Vote, which is legally prohibited in Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and Finland, because it was proven that it presented security flaws. In Spain and other EU countries, electronic ballot boxes are not used, for the same reason:

And in Europe, although voting with ballots, fraud can be done through the simple trap of not publishing the results of the polling stations, which is the place where the count is public and is done with the supervisory presence of the representatives of the different matches

If only the data of the Town Halls are provided to the public, after having “added” or rigged without witnesses the data provided by the polling stations, nobody can prove that said sums have been manipulated or that a transfer of votes has been made.

Verify the fraud


In order to verify the fraud, it is necessary that the original addends be published, that is, the results of the electoral tables of the City Council, something that the Ministry of Interior does not do:
This concealment is done by the Ministry in breach of its own instructions, which can be found on the “Methodology and sources” page of the Ministry of Interior
that they say, verbatim: “VIII. DOWNLOAD DATA. The Database has a Download Area that allows users to download the disaggregated election results to the level of the Electoral Board. ”

It is necessary to create a STATE OF OPINION that forces the Government to publish the results of the electoral tables of each City Council and, meanwhile, not accept or comply with a current corrupt methodology that allows electoral fraud.

Perhaps open or personal letters, to public office or news media, could help resolve this important issue, necessary for democracy to exist.

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